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About FRank

"Mega Fitness Rock Star, Entrepreneur (Owner of Frank Nash Training Systems), Mid-90s Rap Junkie. Artist, Risk Taker, Mistake Maker, Tats, Lats, Comic Books, Pop Culture Ninja, Waffle Making Wizard, Puppy Breath Inhaling, Occasional Bourbon Sippin', Chuck Taylor Wearing, and WU-Tang Forever. Check out my long boring bio Below."

Best Selling Author and International Speaker/Personality Frank Nash is one of the most in-demand and exciting coaches, writers and presenters in the Fitness industry today. He currently spends his time lecturing, teaching, training and writing and as the owner of Frank Nash Training Systems in Worcester, MA. Frank consults and works with Training Gyms and Club Owners all over the globe.

For the past 18 years Frank has been committed to achieving excellence in the field of Fitness Training and Performance Enhancement. Frank has helped countless individuals and athletes reach their goals through sound scientific training. Though included in Franks success’ are countless high-end collegiate and professional athletes , Franks true passion lies within weight loss and lifestyle coaching. He calls this “life changing” Training. This is where Frank spends a vast majority of his focus.

Prior to his efforts in achieving excellence in fitness, Frank, a “personal trainer” by education and passion, created, and managed a successful health club. Here helped “pioneered” what is today called “Small Group Training” (a form of personal training where the members share the time and cost of the trainer). This propelled Frank into the world of an entrepreneur and spawn his very own health club. Over the last eighteen years, Frank's passion for excellence has driven him to help thousands of individuals succeed and to build what has been called “one of the most successful training clubs” in the world. His leadership is recognized nationwide for he currently consults many gyms on the “Business of Fitness” that stretch across the known universe. Frank recently partnered with fellow rockstar Rick Mayo and created the "Secret Trainer Society", a roundtable leadership group specific to "Training Clubs."




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